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About David P. Schloss

Award-winning writer and internationally acclaimed author Dave Schloss has helped many people lead happier, healthier and more productive lives through his products and personal coaching. He has made a career out of helping others achieve their goals; first, as a real estate instructor and trainer, then as a financial consultant and investment adviser, and now as a personal and corporate mentor.

He has had over one hundred investment-related articles published in newspapers and magazines across the country! Grow Your Own Money Tree! (an investment-related audio book on CD) takes the best and most powerful information from his consulting years and presents it in an easy to understand format for the novice or average investor.

Dave has presented many motivational seminars and has also been a guest on radio shows across the U.S., where his winning ideas have inspired listeners to more successful lives.

His best selling books, Donít Tie Yourself Up In "Nots" and If At First You Don't Succeed, Buy This Book! (which have been endorsed by many of the top names in the motivational and business world) as well as his motivational audio CD, Donít Just Stand There..! all cover different motivational topics, but do it in the same fast paced format which have helped hundreds of thousands of people build a more positive and successful life!

He is currently president of Questions, Inc., and
co-founder of, a Web community for people who are interested in viewing life in a new way.

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