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Welcome to the Book of the Month Club That Pays You to Motivate Your Associates!

How does our book of the month club work?

Motivation University's book of the month club works the same as other book clubs, except the focus is exclusively on employee motivation, self-help, positive thinking and other topics that directly affect the performance of your associates. One easy-to-read book is chosen each month specifically for your company's book club that addresses the needs and interests of your organization.

Increase productivity and sales
Another very powerful benefit is the increased productivity and sales that will result when your associates implement the knowledge they glean from our books. Learning and fine-tuning the keys to success are not one-time events. That's why immersion in topics like motivation, goal setting, positive thinking -- like sleeping and eating -- needs to be an everyday occurrence.

Everybody wins

Our book of the month club provides consistent, focused input for your associates, which helps guide them on their journey to success. The program also allows all your associates to read the same book at the same time, which facilitates group discussion. Best of all, we can handle every detail of your book of the month program, leaving you to do what you do best -- run your organization.


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